M and E's books

This week began with a question about writers and illustrators from E as she is learning about them at Preschool.So in the spirit of it we began writing and illustrating our own books.Being that only Maya can spell right now E chose to do her pretend writing she felt it was to frustrating for me to spell out every word for her.Both M and E like the books that have both hand drawn and picture illustrations (such as Lauren Child's books)so this is their versions.
This is E's book. (I wrote her given tittle)

This is M's book (just a couple pages)

M hard at work writing.
The girls had a great time writting their stories and M has read us her book as a bedtime story two times now. E likes her book but is less enamored with it. I would guess because she always has a next project in mind and she is only four.

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