Pom Poms

Last week the girls worked on making Pom Poms the old fashion way. Why I call it the old fashion way, you may ask?Is there any other way to make Poms? Yes there is!Pom pom making has come a long way since we were little,thanks to the yarn industry and companies such Clover.The idea for this project is due to my friend Tammy W whose daughter Olivia is M's age.
Tammy and I on occasion get the girls together for Craft Playdates.
Supplies needed for this project are:cut up cardboard, scrap yarn and scissors.

Start with inexpensive orlon acrylic yarn like Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
*Wrap the yarn around the cardboard piece about fifty times.
*Slide yarn off your the cardboard and tie it tightly in the middle with a small piece of yarn.
*Take sharp scissors and trim off the edges, cutting all the loops.When you're done you should have a pom pom about 3/4" to 1" in diameter. For larger pom poms use more wraps and a larger piece of cardboard. Experiment to find the perfect pom pom size for your needs. Use the pom poms to create all kinds of animals, ornaments and other craft items.
Now there is also many other ways to make poms using cardboard but this method works great with little ones and bigger ones.Sometimes when using the wheel method of winding yarn in a circular pattern it becomes trickier for most 2-4 year olds.For our household finding ways to have both my 4 year old and 6 year participate is key. If I tried to have one make poms with the wheel and the other with a flat piece of cardboard inevitably the 4 year old wants to do whatever the 6 year old does even if it is too challenging and the tears begin.

Below is a link for a tutorial on doing pom poms with a circular cardboard and how to do pom poms using the Clover pom pom maker including a turkey place card fetured on Martha's Show.We also suggested two books filled with ideas for creating pom pom creatures.

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