Earth Day Clean Up

Happy Earth Day!
We celebrated by taking a stroll around our neighborhood and picking up litter. Thank goodness there is not much in our neighborhood since we have neighbors that are diligent about picking up litter and making sure to not litter themselves.
The girls had a good time helping pick up and felt proud of their contribution to keep our neighborhood clean.We also made a little game out of it and it became a treasure hunt along the way.

M and E have grown to be very much a part of our "Green " efforts and just as we instilled family values we instilled in them the importance to do their parts towards being eco conscious. I suppose since they don't any other way than being earth conscious they don't really complain on the extra efforts that go into the many processes in our home.I am in no way near as "green" as I wish I could be but we try our best and hope that every year we can adapt more ways to be "green".

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