Easter Sunday Fun

The girls and I will be in Texas for Easter visiting my brother and I am not sure we will make Easter crafts as my nieces and nephew are in the tween stage so crafts may not be there thing?It is a a few days before we leave so we are making some easy yet fun crafts.
The egg critter idea comes from the Family Fun April 2009 issue. It was a very cute idea and the materials were simple. In fact we had the eggs from previous year Easter baskets and the felt we had from other projects.If you do this project with a child younger than four they will need assistance for almost of all the steps as the felt ears, tail etc. are very small and hard to glue on.

E loves baking!!!I mean seriously loves to bake. I don't posses the patience to let her bake very often with me. E likes to do all the steps and insists that I don't help with anything but the oven and the clean up. As a result of my showing little patience for her passion she often tries to invite herself to my good friends Beth's( she is way more patient than I am she proves it to me every time I am with her).

So if you ever have a child that loves to do something you don't have the patience to do with them, take my advice find some other adult that does.I think it is important to allow kids to explore their passions and interests but I also think that it must be fostered in an environment of love and patience.
Easter bunny cookies.Simple and delicious. Use pre made sugar cookie dough to cut down on time and mess.

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