Raised Garden Bed

We are officially in full gardening season at our house. M and E love this time of year as we get outside daily and dirty too. The girls have a fairy garden at the side of our house and they help select plants and tend to that part through out the spring and summer. This year we are expanding to vegetables and fruits as well. In our part of the country raised beds do well so we decided to build one okay so daddy built one for us after we gave him the specifics.M, E and I chose a smaller bed to start out so it would be more manageable. We also chose hearty and easy to grow plants such as strawberries,cantaloupe,tomatoes,onions (white and chives), cucumbers, peppers,squash and corn. So stay posted to check out the fruits of their labor.

Materials used to make this 5x6 raised bed: 4- 2x12's of treated lumber,16-4"nails(wood screws), for stability you can use 1x1x16 stakes and 5 bags of organic soil.

For tips on building one in your garden follow the link below.


Tiff said...

yay! I hear the deer eat veggies here by our new house, but I am going to try anyway! I can't wait to get my garden in!

Jenn said...

Fun garden. Can't wait to see it.