Large Ghost

While on a trip to Michael's the girls saw ghost that were about 11x14 and made of thin foam and of course they wanted to buy them. Both girls went on and on how cute the ghost were and how it would be so great if I just bought them. I even though not frugal when it comes to art or craft supplies do have limits. I couldn't see myself paying $5 bucks for something I could make for pennies.Through skepticism I made the girls try my way first and if they were not good enough still I told them then maybe we could talk about using their own money to buy the ghosts at Michael's. So below is our attempt and instructions.

Large white foam sheets or heavy stock card anywhere from 11x14 to 20x26,black sharpies, fishing wire and very sharp scissors.
You will need to free hand the drawing or download the template provided and enlarge it 200%.

Fishing wire is to hang the ghost from a ceiling,window or even tree. The wire is so thin it will make the ghost appear as if they are floating on air.


Trouble said...

those are great! I want to make some too.

Layla said...

Thanks. Send us apic when you do