Un Jouet en Papierun

This project reminded me of something you would see in a fancy Parisian toy store.
I called it a projet merveilleux pour les enfants plus ages (a great project for older children).The projects are laborious as they require precise cutting and use of exacto knife for clean cuts.

The great artist, Marilyn Scott-Waters that provides the wonderful free templates can be found at thetoymaker.com.
M and I concentrated on her Halloween projects but she has marvelous ones for all holidays as well as everyday projects. The Ghost Show as it is tittled by the artist, is a bit of a circus fun show in itself. This project was great in that it was simple, cheap and entertaining and a reminder to my girls that the simplest things can be fun too.

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Jenn said...

Yuck, you can delete those spam comments. Fun project you and the girls have been working on. Hope you're feeling better.