Marshmallow Treats

E my baker wanted to make a small treat that could be given out on Valentine's, similarly to petit fours (Wikipedia; a small cake generally eaten at the end of a meal. The name is French, meaning "small oven")

The solution, a large marshmallow dipped in chocolate and Valentine's sprinkles. The idea came from The American Girls, Coconut's cookbook.

The treats are easy to make, but we did it without following the recipe, hence why I am not a baker. We used one cup of Nestle chocolate chips, melted them in the microwave, at 20 sec intervals. When the chocolate is completely melted, we dipped the marshmallow tops (use skewers to hold the marshmallow)and lastly sprinkled the Valentine's sprinkles.
I recommend sprinkling rather than dipping the sprinkles because as the left over chocolate hardens in the sprinkle mix you can end up with clumps of sprinkles.

Well there you are a simple recipe for a yummy treat. Bon apetit!

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Jenn said...

They are adorable!