Hatching Chicks

This is a fun easy project to do with 3-7yr old children.
E's class made them in her kinder class and from the results I could tell they were simple and cute.
Materials needed are:
white, pink and yellow 11x14 constructions paper, brads, glue stick, medium to large googly eyes, watercolors and feathers.
Using the templates provided as a guide or enlarge 200%, draw out the egg and chick.


Make sure your child paints the egg before cutting it in half. Have your child place googly eyes and feathers to bird before attaching it to the egg.
Once the egg is cut attach brad at side of egg to connect the top to the bottom.With a glue stick have your child glue the chick to the back of the egg.
Your egg is now complete.
Making several gives you the opportunity to create a banner.

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Jenn said...

Such a beautiful Easter wonder-land. I miss you and your girls. Hope to see you soon, chica.