Craft Kit Weekend

The weekends are getting colder and the time outside is very minimal making for long weekends. So the time is spent reading books,jumping on the trampoline,playing WII or in the playroom but all that is not enough to keep two little girls from chasing and fighting with each other.Finally after a few sporadic spats I had to lay down the law and stop the madness by getting out some craft kits.Many of the kits we have received through the years and some newly acquired ones on a recent JoAnn visit.

I had fun watching the careful and precise painting and gluing.Most of all it is so nice to see the girls at peace as they normally are and oozing with creativity I especially liked that they made up their own styles of doing each kit adding embellishments or whatever decorations as they saw fit.M and E enjoy doing craft kits but they are just a foundation to their creativity letting them explore with using other mediums in combination with the kits seems to be the icing on their cakes.

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