Scrap papers

While I was cleaning out my paper drawer I realized I have a lot of scraps and I keep intending to do something with them but what? Patchwork art! Lately it has been in textiles at work in books and on many crafty blog buttons.
E and I found ourselves thinking what can we do with the patchwork look that would be child like and represent her? She suggested we make owls since they have big eyes like her and she would get to finally use the really LARGE googly eyes. May I say that I have a daughter who loves to use googly eyes of all sizes and colors on all her projects if possible.She also happens to be glue crazy.This project went over really well with her. As many projects do at the end they take on several uses. E decided her owl would put on a puppet show for Lola our lab and myself.

Using punchers of various sizes helped achieve perfect circles.
All pieces cut out and large googly eyes.
Perfect little hand positioning.She is already a perfectionist (poor thing).

Finally a use for leftover letters from an old Scrabble game.
Curtain call!

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