M and E's weekend play date with our neighbor Ella Marie resulted in jewelery making with a small geography lesson.
The girls are all reaching an age where they no longer just gravitate to our playroom or run around screaming at the top of their lungs with penned up energy from a bitter cold winter.
E made a simple ring and M a bracelet. As a side note sometimes with sisters the youngest one seems to be a follower more than a leader.Which is not terrible but one thing I do secretly want for my girls is that will always want to beat to their own drums. So I was very happy to see them make their own piece of very different jewelery.
As for this kit (link below)like all Alex products it was simple and well organized the beads were somewhat out of the ordinary glass or plastic kid beads.
I also liked that the girls ended up pondering what beach the shells had perhaps come from.
How many oceans the shells had crossed and whether they'd like to visit that spot themselves. The kit opened up an opportunity to move from jewelery making to talking about the earth's makeup
So when something crafty can become something educational it is what MARTHA would call a "GOOD THING".

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Jenn said...

Ooooh, I LOVE that close up photo of her hands. The light is beautiful with her perfect little skin. Keep up the great blogs. Fun fun!