Wax Hearts

This month I'd really like to focus on "Green Crafts" as they are now called. When I was little they were just crafts a typical mom with a low income did. She had to find a secondary purpose to many of our everyday household items. Who knew my mom was being hip and Green back then I just thought how embarrassing and cheap is this.So in honor of my mother I will be posting crafts that use mostly or all materials that had another purpose around our house.

This week we started with a WAX RELIEF. We rarely use wax paper in our house but I had baked and the dough required to be rolled up in wax paper to be chilled.So after using the huge sheet I thought what I can do to reuse this perfectly good piece of wax paper? The only thing I could come up with was a craft from my childhood were you melt crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper.This craft was also a good way to use broken crayons or those excess restaurant crayons.

The materials that were used are simple.
1.A piece of wax paper in about 11x14 size
2.old crayons (red and pink)
3.an iron
4.craft paper to protect ironing board and iron
5.crayon sharpener or a grater with small grates

Grate or sharpen crayons onto wax paper.

Spread sparingly all over so the wax covers the paper evenly when melted.
Fold the ends up about 1/2 inch on all four sides of the sheet. If you don't do this step the wax will leak out the sides.

Heat iron to medium setting.
Put a piece a large piece of craft paper on ironing surface to protect it and one over the wax paper to protect the iron.
Iron thoroughly until wax has melted .
Let cool.
Since Valentines is around the corner we traced hearts onto the sheet and then cut them out.
E chose to tape hers up in the window as she thought they looked similar to the holiday window gel decals.M wants to use hers for handing them out as cards.

Whatever option it was a fun craft with little time and little spent but considered largely

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