Coin Purse

On a rainy day and a much needed break from the pool M and E worked on these adorable coin purses.I had seen a similar felt purse in the Felt Wee Folks (see book below)book about 4 years ago and couldn't wait until M was old enough to make one.The book provides a pattern for the coin purse and the felt characters for the front flap but I found recently an alternate character template to use. In an episode of the Martha show Jen Hopwood showed how to make Snappy tees with adorable felt characters. The characters snap on and off on the front of kids shirts(see the link below). Jen was also kind enough to provide the templates for the cute felt friends and that is where our owl came from. So the project below is the merging of two great ideas.
M and E had a great time making them and E of course enjoyed the sewing part very much. I had E make one but she did require help and supervision so I would say this project is most suitable for kids ages 6 and up to do independently.

Supplies used in this project: felt (craft or high quality wool) cut to 4" by 10", embroidery floss, crewel embroidery needle, Aileen's tacky glue, pinking shears and a small snap.



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