Bookmarks are a commodity in our home. We go through them quickly not because they are ripped or broken but simply just either misplaced or in the several books currently being read. Then the other day while in line at Barnes and Noble I was doing it again buying books for M and E and I grabbed for a bookmark because I was sure we'd have to dig one out of nowhere (ok so sometimes I get lazy)and it dawned on me why am I not just having the girls make some, duh! Really sometimes the simplest things are the hardest for me to see.

So this is how the project came about.It was very easy M did it with little help and in minutes.

Supplies used: heavy stock card paper(cut 1.5 x 7"), small hole puncher, paper cutter(scissors will work if you can cut straight lines I can't)cotton yarn (for a tassle).

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Jenn said...

Glad that camera is working again so I can check out your projects with the girls. Happy 4th!