The mats M&E are using are part of the Playdoh line and can be found by following the link below.


While my neighbors little boy Max was over on Monday he asked to play with the M and E's Playdoh and tools.This reminded me that it is very rare in our house anymore to see Plydoh out M and E seemingly are past the stagCheck Spellinge of playing with it. When ever they feel like sculpting modeling clay by Sculpey is what they gravitate towards. Then M and E asked Max if they could play with the Playdoh too it really surprised me. Both girls played with all the Playdoh stuff for a couple hours going through their old repertoire and coming up with new ways to use the doh. I guess what I was most happy about is that my seemingly big girls are still somewhat little and enjoy some of our original art materials. I struggle many days with the fact that they will each year get older and outgrow more things but I look forward to all the new materials and mediums that they will be able to use as they get older.

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