Felt Panda

M worked on a project she called "the best" she loves stuff animals and I put a limit into how many come into our house because if M had it her way I'd have one in every corner of the house. So when we looked over "The Cute Book" by Aranzi Aronzo the other day she decided on making this sweet little panda. Most of the mascots in this book are to be made larger by enlarging the given template but M wanted hers to be the actual size given in the book.M was able to follow the directions step by step easily as the book gives detailed written directions and uses step by step illustrations.We found that pining the paper template to our felt made it easier for cutting as well as using sharp fabric scissors.Sewing was the most time consuming part of this project but well worth the end result.This project is best for children 6 and up that are able to sew independently.

Supplies used:felt in black and white (synthetic or wool),fabric scissors,cotton thread,embroidery floss,crewel embroidery needle, googly eyes and polyester stuffing.



Tiff said...

awww. I'm pretty sure Hayden couldn't sew independently...without losing a limb or eye anyhow.

Miss you guys!

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