The Art of Emberly and Carle

E and her friend Piper spent an afternoon of fun with Ed Emberly's Fingerprint creations. I wanted to teach them both the technique of using the thumbprint drawings.I chose Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar as our theme to build on because of the simplicity of the drawings and shapes along with repetition on the objects.The repetition allowed the girls to practice over and over the same objects and figure out for themselves how to use the ink pad and get the desired result. The pad was simple and user friendly it is recommended for ages 4-6. The colors are bright and that made me a bit nervous but I have to admit the middle sponge worked wonderfully as it is used to wipe their fingers in between colors.It was a fun project and has been left out on our kitchen counter for days and I find both M and E using it independently and perfecting their technique.

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