The Muchowski's

M and E had a terrific playdate at our friends the Muchowki's last week.We love going for playdates at their home because they are day long event. May times we show up in our pajamas and all hang out in them all day. The kids play with the many great Waldorf toys the family owns both aquired and made by the dad Eric a talented carpenter or felted toys made by mom Kelly.There home is the perfect place to have M and E truly be their true spirit selves.The games and time spent with their friends Samantha,Will and Benjamin consist of make believe, story telling, creating crafts from what is around them and enjoying meals with fresh organic foods.
Our playdates with the Muchowski's are never structured nor limited by the mommies. The children come up with all the ideas and rules and I have to say it is peaceful, loving, and understanding play time. The creativity that they all share is wonderful.

M and E brought over to this playdate a box of sun catchers and paints. There was 10 sun catchers in all and each of them painted one for themselves and one to share. M decided to make both of hers for the mommies.Although the paints used for kids sun catchers are non toxic they do stain pemanently so if you are afraid of stains this may be a project for 6 and up otherwise all can join as the youngest member is 3 and the oldest 7.

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