Gingerbread House 2009

It is time for our 'Annual Gingerbread House Decorating'!

This year the girls had a bit more creativity behind their design. I was most surprised by something new to us, Icing writers by Wilton. These Icing bottles were easy for M&E to use and looked great once on the house. The kit we used is the same as every year, available at JoAnn's fabrics from Wilton for $10 dollars and the icing writers $2.49 are also available at JoAnn's.

This is a fun project for the whole family, young and old can participate. The hardest part of this kit is building the foundation, it requires some time and patience. The candy taste horrible (thank you Wilton)so does the icing, so no worries kids will prefer to decorate with the candies rather than eat them.

This is also something you can expand on and build more things for your village setting but my girls usually want to stop after the house is done.When you complete yours send us a picture as we would love to see yours.

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Jenn said...

Your house is beautiful!