GIft Tags 2009

This year M and E's gift tags to their friends and cousins will have a second purpose, they will also serve as ornaments for the child's home. We try to keep the cost of the tags under a dollar each time and easy to make, as multiples will be needed.

The Santa and snowman door hangers as well as the angel where purchased at the Dollar Store costing .50cents a piece. The snowman bottle cap and Santa jingle bell ornament where purchased online at Oriental Trading Co. and also cost .50 cents a piece.
The Santa, Snowman and angel are great to make with ages 2 and up.The foam parts came with adhesive backs and have few parts.
The bottle cap snowman, I would say 4 and up, as their is quite a bit of dexterity needed to put the stickers on just right and to thread the ribbon through very small openings. We chose to use a needle to thread the ribbon through and found it much easier than doing it by hand as the directions in the packaging suggested.
The Santa jingle bell I would recommend for 6 and up. The kit comes with all the parts un-assembled and there is quite a bit of gluing. I do recommend using a hot glue gun made for kids (they are available at JoAnn's fabrics)to attach the wooden pieces to the metal jingle ball, it adheres better than using standard glue.

By the way if you are noticing that there is no pictures of M&E making the gift tags, it is because I accidentally erased both my camera and computer pictures of this craft session along with M's 7 year birthday from a few days ago.Yes I am officially a horrible mom for making such precious memories disappear.

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