May Butterflies

April showers brought May flowers as well as beautiful painted lady butterflies.
The kits available from insect lore are terrific! I purchased a kit with a 2-foot tall, reusable Butterfly Pavilion, a mail-in certificate for 6 to 10 butterfly larvae with special food (two cups of 3 to 5 caterpillars), and complete instructions.
M and E filled out their forms and waited anxiously for the live larvae to show up , they did a couple weeks later.
The experience of watching each caterpillar’s transition as it matured, changed into a chrysalis, and then emerge as a Painted Lady butterfly was terrific. As a family we learned a lot about the process of a butterfly and its transitions.

We were lucky enough that all of our larvae lived and matured into Painted Ladies. When we released the Painted Ladies within days of emerging,some flew away and a couple stuck around our Fairy garden.
As a family we decided that along with our vegetable garden this will be a spring tradition.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit they are available at the link below.

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