With two girls and long hair, accessories for the hair are a plenty here. I have been trying to organize the headbands in a manner that is easy for both girls to do a good job putting the headbands away at the end of the day. They needed something vertical as they share a bathroom and their vanity is already full of the regular toiletries. So after seeing something similar on etsy for $25 or more I came up with a much cheaper solution that both M &E could make.
Coming up with a cheaper solution is the story of my life!
Materials: Large Oatmeal tub,scrap fabric,large daisy,drill (parental help needed),tacky glue (you could use hot glue but since M and E were making this I used tacky glue)and fabric scissors.
I only had to purchase the daisy and it cost $1.00 at Michael's the rest of the materials I already had available.

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