Pick a Chore

With summer coming and plenty of time at home I thought it was time to come up with a fun way to get the girls helping clean up.I saw this idea a while back in Family Fun Magazine and had saved it.

I wanted the jar to match our kitchen decor as that is where we congregate the most and where it could easily sit on a counter. M and E came up wit a list of chores they would like to help with and each wrote 5 on 5 sticks. I also added a couple No Chores For Today sticks in for fun. I have to say that they are liking it and find it better than my coming up with chores.The no chores for a day sticks are a hit as well and much deserved after all they are still kids and they will have their whole life to work and do chores.
Materials: clean soup can, paper of choice and wood tongue depressors.

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