Paper Dolls a thing of the past? Not at our house. I loved them when I was little and remember my local Woolworth's (that doesn't date me?) had Barbie ones as well as some reprint of Vintage ones.
As my girls got old enough I began buying them but worried they would not find them fun as what they play with now is sometimes so much more 3D than paper dolls.
Well today it is rainy and hot out so chances of being outside are slim. To my surprise they decided to get out the paper dolls and have been playing them for most of the day.Creating adventures for each girl and having fun changing the outfits.

Although most of the paper dolls don't allow for more creativity beyond what is set, we have purchased ones where my girls have to design the clothes and dolls. They love the paper doll set by Paperglitter which lets them decide on the color of the outfits and girls. They spend an extensive time coloring and cutting them out.

The magnetic dolls from Mud Puppy I really like to bring when we travel as they are compact and stay together well while traveling due to the magnets.

I find that my local Toy store and Barnes and Noble has a good selection as well as the more rare ones I find in museum shops during our travels. If you don't have acess to any of these shops then Amazon and Paperdoll Review.com have a large selection.

 Magnetic Girls by Mudpuppy
Dolls available to purchase on Etsy via paperglitter shop.

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