Holiday Ornaments

So the Christmas season will be officially upon us tomorrow. Thanksgiving is a blur and we did little crafting at home to remind us of a such an important holiday. Okay so the holiday didn't go completely to way side it is one of the few holidays still celebrated at school so much of the Turkey crafts where done while in school. I am not posting the school crafts as they are not as creative since my girls made one of many of the same crafts as their classmates following the direct orders from the teacher with little room for self expression. Not too completely turn my nose up at school crafts as they have their merits too.

Santa TP
For the template follow the link.

When using crafts that are set encourage your child o make it their own by adding to it or cutting it differently. The girls never fail to be innovative in what they use to embellish.

Embellished with glitter and cotton for the beard to be fuzzy.

The finished product! You can't really see the glitter or fuzzy beard in the picture.
Do you remember making these when you were little? I do and it was a craft I loved. I don't know why, the simplicity behind it and the outcome I guess. My mom still has my reindeer she even has the one that Reva the little girl she nannied for over 12 years made with her.So I decided it was time my girls join the tradition. They both enjoyed the process and where most impressed that the outcome was a cute ornament not just and A as E called it.That night while hanging them I could tell they really felt proud of what they had made.I felt so nostalgic of my childhood yet happy to be in the present moment to pass on a simple tradition.
Supplies: 3 tongue depressors;red small pom pom;2 googly eyes and 2 brown pipe cleaner

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