The girls were both off this week for winter break and I thought we'd work on things that I had wanted to always but they just seem to lack the patience for. We have two weeks to work on one project which is about the amount time needed to work on embroidery with a 4 year old. E is the only one who continued on her embroidery project from start to finish M found it to be "boring" as she said hence no pictures as she quit early on to her project. Then again E also enjoys cooking,caring for her babies and cleaning so maybe that is why embroidery was up her alley.This is a project where you will need to sit with a four year old and help guide the needle and make sure they do not poke themselves with the needle.I only recommend doing this if you are very patient and understand that your child may work on it for a whole hour or just five minutes at a time.I was especially excited about this project because it is for my friend Jenn who is a regular cook.Jenn is also one of my few friends whom I can see wearing an old fashion farm apron.
Supplies:Embroidery hoop,embroidery transfers by Black Apple
and crewel embroidery needles. carefully threading the needle.
Making progress into the vine motif.

Warning:Child may poke your eye several times as they pull the thread up from the hoop.

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Jenn said...

Oh my oh my... so cute! Just adorable. Can't wait to see the real thing. Keep on bloggin'.

Also, thanks for the tip on the sheets. I called today and they'll be here in 5-7 days. Big girl bed, here she comes. (Well, actually not.)

Miss you and the girls!