Weaving Loom

While shopping with my friend for knitting supplies we walked past this oldie but goody and reminisced on how much fun it was to use the weaving loom when we were both little. Julia also remembered how much time this took her to complete and the end result being victorious.I was sold! Anything that may involve hours of work is great at our house. The winter is long and cold and the temp has been bitter cold -20F making for many indoor play days. As a side note this mom does not play outdoors unless it is 30F or more.I was not a BNR Minnesotan nor will I ever have the stamina to brave the cold as one.As a native Guatemalan and later raised in sunny California, I am still asking why am I here? Oh yes, quality of life....
M enjoyed this project but had many questions(as usual)to why we needed more pot holders?Why did someone cut up their pantyhose to use for potholders?Was this a green project?
The start went well but once we got to the weaving of over and under I recommend pre stretching the loopers.The box indicated to do so and I thought I could skip it but M 's frustration showed me otherwise.
E liked pre stretching the loopers as they served as slingshots.I do not recommend the over and under weaving for a 4 year old as their dexterity is not fully developed to do this on their own.E tried but was frustrated that the hook got caught before looping through.She was able to do the bottom layer which required stretching the loopers straight across the loom and hooking all 18 of them without a problem.
We now are left to finsih the edges there are two ways explained thoroughly by illustrations and directions. We will blog about that later.

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