Gingerbread House

For this week the girls decided they would like to make their gingerbread house.Some years we have had a design plan or a story to go along with the house and so it has a theme.Not this year it was to be just a house of sweets one like both M and E would like to live in. Armed with the supplies below and full tummies so as to not feast too much on the candy we began our candy house.

E begins to decorate her part of the roof.
M decorates her part of the roof with happy faces as she is my happy and sunshine days girl.
I swear she was a free spirited hippie in her past life!Really.

E's completed side with missing candy that mysteriously disappeared.
The candy isn't very tasty for this project.So I said to E "let the punishment fit the crime."
Little Miss Sunshine's side.

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